CPD Options

Alexander Technique Training South West offers these following options for Continuing Professional Development

For CPD Work Joining In With The Training Course, Click Here

50 min Individual Session with Gunda – £40 (£32 conc.)

A walking session with Gunda – covering how to give yourself a turn via the activity of walking, some anatomy, theory and general supportive discussion (Allow 2 hrs) – £40 (£32 conc.)

Small Group CPD – meeting approximately every 6 weeks (2½ hrs) – Ideally 3 participants – £25 per session per person

Online CPD Workshops on request – Specific focus varies, some titles of workshops I’ve done in the past include:

  • Psychology in AT: There’s Safety in The Indirect
  • AT and Emotions, Pain, and Trauma
  • Thinking Your Voice Free
  • So What is Good Use? Undoing The Tightening, Back to the Fun
  • The Tools Of The AT: Understanding Our Craft
  • Teaching ‘Self Turns’ Online
  • The Whole is Greater than the Parts: Integrated Functioning of The Organism
  • Timing and Momentum In Teaching
  • Living Anatomy: Dropping, Catching, Stabilising, Suspending

(1½ hour session) – £10 per session per person. Minimum of 4 participants.