Private Teaching With Gunda

If you are curious about the Alexander Technique, I generally suggest that you come for a first lesson to find out more about it – then, if you enjoyed the experience, and want to go on to learn the Technique, you take a course of lessons. This can best give you the opportunity to build up your ability to apply it to your own life and circumstances.


“Gunda is a kind and experienced teacher – I found her lessons to be life changing.”

  – Catherine, Graphic Designer


A lesson involves skilled hands on work and verbal guidance, to give you an experience of moving and thinking differently. Working in this way gently challenges and changes stuck habits of muscle tension and thought/nervous system processes to bring about greater ease and flow in the Use of your Self.


  • 50 minute session – £40 (£32 conc.)
  • 10 sessions taken consecutively – £360 (£280 conc.)
  • 3 month intensive (5 weeks x 3 lessons, 5 weeks x 2 lessons – with some flexibility) – £800 (£625 conc.)
  • Voice Work session – £40 (£32 conc.) – Learn more about our Voice Work Here
  • Online Session (1 Hour) £30 (£25 conc.) – Learn more about our Online Work Here

I also offer a further development opportunity for more experienced pupils by inviting them to become a ‘Friend’ of the Teacher Training School. This involves a commitment to attending a minimum of four group sessions over a twelve week term; an invitation to join in when guest teachers visit in person or online, and the option to add additional sessions.

  • Friend of the school (Basic participation) – £150
  • Guest Teacher visit – (In person) £35 – (Online) £20
  • Additional Sessions – £35