Voice Work

Gunda has a particular expertise and interest in voice work – helping people to reclaim the natural ease and resonance of their spoken voice.

The Alexander Technique Approach to voice work is particularly helpful for actors, who benefit greatly from understanding the link between general good Use of the Self, reflex breathing, sound production, articulation, and effortless projection.

Singers also benefit hugely from paying attention to any habits of muscular tension they may have before overlaying this with the specific skills and techniques needed for singing. It makes a huge difference if they are not disturbing the natural functioning of their reflex breathing and can return to this between musical phrases as the basis from which they are operating.

“Voicework with Gunda has been particularly transformative, changing long held habits to do with speaking, which were interfering with my natural voice and my communication with others. It’s been fascinating and fun to experiment and discover how my voice and breathing are so linked to my head, neck, back relationship and also to how I feel in myself.”
                                          – Alison,  Alexander Technique Teacher

Voice work is for everyone, not just actors and singers, since it is an activity we all engage in. A free voice is intimately linked with being able to interact with the world in a trusting, fun, and creative way.

In a voice work session Gunda will still be paying attention to your general state, since it’s all connected – but the work will be progressively focused towards voice work (and its linked anatomy and mechanics)

Individual session – £40 (£32 conc.)

Online Session – £30 (£25 conc.)